Real Example of an Office Move In Calgary

August 10, 2023

Today we would like to tell you about another very important type of relocation – Office Move. As business owners ourselves, we understand that moving of your business is every bit as stressful as a residential move. In fact, it could be a logistical nightmare! Luckily, Cactus Moving is a moving expert when it comes to all types of moves – office moves and other general business moves including! We know that there are a lot of factors that any other type of moving doesn’t involve. In this post, we will discuss some of these factors. Please note, it is still worth your time to read about our tips about saving money and time on residential moves in Calgary.

The Different Types of Office Moves

First of all, we would like to point out that office moves can be broken down into several categories, i.e., small business, big corporations, packing/unpacking and installation/disassembling. While moving of a small business can usually be done in one day, moving of a big corporation can take up to several days or even up to weeks, or as we call it “stages”. Each type of office moves may have a tricky side to it and most of the time a certain move will also entail packing or installation or a whole package of additional services.

We’ve outlined the entire move process in different stages. It starts with an in-person meeting and estimation, goes through the preparation stages and has a strong middle stage at which the actual moving happens. Once the items, office supplies and furniture have travelled to the new location, there are again optional stages around re-assembling of furniture and unpacking of items. Read more to learn about each stage in detail!

The First Stage: Meet, Discuss the Office Move and Evaluate Required Move Services

Cactus Moving representatives are ready to meet your needs whether you are a small business owner, a big corporation or just require a small job done within your current office space. We understand the current situation in the world and how difficult it is to maintain a business nowadays. This is why we are ready to minimize the price for your office move in Calgary. As such, the first stage is always an in-person meeting to evaluate the different options and craft a plan that is just right for you. We will share our wisdom and experience about moving offices and businesses around Calgary and Alberta, but at the end of the day no two businesses are identical. Our job is to make sure we build a customized plan and pricing that is right for your business.

Long-Term Contract or Call Us As Needed – We Are Always There For You!

Some of our customers prefer to work with a long-term contract in place. This allows them to book dates in advance and rest assured that they will have us available on the date they need us. Others, prefer to book our services one move at a time – but have no doubt, they always come back, because in Cactus Moving we always set the highest standards. Cactus Moving is fully insured including General Liability insurance, Cargo insurance and WCB to make sure our customers do not worry about a thing. Learn about what makes Cactus Moving different than other mover services in Calgary and why you should choose us over the competition.

Discussion Around Optional Services – Packing / Unpacking and Furniture Disassembly / Re-Assembly

Here at Cactus Moving, we always come to estimate what we are dealing with ahead of time. You can always call us and schedule your office moving estimation. During the visit, our specialist will come to meet you and hear what the specifics of your relocation are. The first and one of the most important questions will be: “What are your time limits?”. Another important question is “How fast can we finish the move?”. Cactus Moving is ready for every situation. We will have solutions, even if everything must be done in one day! Make sure to bring up any time limitations during our initial discussion. This will allow us to make sure everything will be performed in the time period you and your business require.

“Do you require packing and unpacking provided by Cactus Moving?” and “Do you require disassembling furniture and assembling it at the new place?” are two major factors as well. As part of these services, it is important to create a move-in plan. This plan will discuss where each item goes during move-in and will save time on unloading. We will discuss them further down in the article, so stay tuned.

Contact Us Today to Book Your Business Move Evaluation Meeting

The Second Stage: Pack and Plan to Unpack all of the Office Items

The next stage of a typical office move in Calgary (and elsewhere) is the packing stage. At Cactus Moving we never skip the sorting process. This key process is when we mark every piece of furniture, including every box, with a sticker that will contain important information on it. This information includes whose office it belongs to, what piece of furniture it comes from and\or what part of the furniture it is taken from. This allows us to put everything together into the exact form from which we disassembled or packed it. This handy moving article helps provide additional advice about what information should be noted on the stickers if you decide to do this stage on your own.

This stage is not only helpful if you are using our re-assembly and unpacking services. It is also very helpful for customers who would like to save money and are not in a rush to re-open their office. These customers can take their time and do the unpacking / re-assembling of office furniture themselves. Each box and item will contain all the important information on this sticker.

Packing Materials – You Have Options!

At Cactus Moving, we care about you and the environment. For this reason, we offer two types of boxes – cardboard boxes and plastic bins. While plastic bins are more environmentally friendly, we know that some clients have a preference for a more COVID-19-friendly solution. During these channelling times, we offer multiple options for containers. One option is to use our plastic bins. We always clean and sanitize bins after every customer. Another option for moving and packing containers is brand-new cardboard boxes. We can deliver either form of packing containers beforehand (if you prefer to start on the packaging yourself) or bring it with us on the day of the move. We will be happy to dispose of the cardboard if it is not needed, once the move is done.

The Third Stage: Disassembling Office Furniture for the Office Move

Disassembling and assembling office furniture is another important stage of the move. Here at Cactus Moving, we can gladly do that for your business. We see two common use cases for this service. We have summarized these scenarios below.

Office Move with Existing Furniture

First, some customers have office furniture which they want to bring into the new office location. These furniture pieces must be disassembled, transported and then assembled at the new office location according to a certain furniture plan. This can be as simple as “put this chair in that room” and “this table goes to the conference room, together with this TV”. In this scenario, one of our Move Experts will label every office room. We will label every piece of furniture and box. This will make sure the same piece will go to the proper place in your new office. Our primary objective is to ensure that everything is as efficient and smooth when time comes to move. This is the exact reason we will create the new office furniture plan ahead of time and follow it on move day.

Office Move with New Furniture

Another common use-case for our furniture service is when a customer decides to renew the furniture plan in the new office. Usually, the customer will buy new (or used) furniture in such case. These often must be assembled and put in the right place. If your office move matches this situation – do not worry! Cactus Moving is ready to pick up your brand-new furniture from the seller. We will deliver them to the new location and assemble it for you if required.

Regardless of the Furniture Situation during the Office Move, Cactus Moving will Have a Solution

Our promise to you is that after we are done, you will have your brand-new working space ready. This is regardless of your office’s furniture situation. No stress, no tools, no supervision, no debris left. Your office will be in perfect condition. We will take care of it all in a timely manner. Remember: we are here to help you during your office move in Calgary. This is regardless of what furniture services your business might require on move day!

The Final Stage: Transportation of Goods, Items and Furniture Between the Different Office Locations

This stage is very straightforward. We will move your office from point A to point B as safely and quickly as possible. We suggest that you consider our tips about long distance moves. These tips apply to businesses as well, so be sure to check them out!