5 Things to Know About Residential Move in Calgary

Andrei Volchkov - Marketing Manager at Cactus Moving Inc.
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2023-08-08 6:00 pm

Many customers contact Cactus Moving for the excellent residential move services that we offer. Often, customers have questions about this service. In this article, we will present the most common issues and questions customers have. We will first introduce what residential moving in Calgary is and how it is different from commercial moving services. We will then dig into the 5 factors that affect the price of a residential move the most. Finally, we will discuss 5 special tips about your residential move. This will show you how to save money on your next move!

What is a residential move of a house or an apartment?

First of all, we should start by defining what a Residential move is. “Residential move” consists of the word “residence” and basically tells you that you are moving from your old residence to a new one. It must involve your day-to-day furniture and belongings. The main difference for Cactus Moving’s customers between residential moving and commercial moving is the fact that they want it done fast and safely, they would like to save as much as possible and to have all their furniture come in the same condition as it left.

It applies to your move well, doesn’t it? Feel free to contact Cactus Moving and our experienced and professional move experts will assist you in getting a fast and affordable quote in no time!

What will be the Price of my Residential Move?

As we described a little earlier, price matters, especially during these rough times (2021 was not an easy year for many…). But moving in Calgary can be affordable and of a high standard at the same time. To realize how much one should expect to spend on one’s future move, numerous factors must be taken into consideration and here are the main ones.

How many pieces of furniture and large items do you need to move?

The amount of furniture and other large items is a critical price factor fact. You must understand that the larger quantity of your belongings is, the more trips movers must do back and forth. Please note, if you are moving large appliances, pianos, saves or any other heavy and bulky items, additional charges might apply. It is best if you can thoroughly explain what you have to one of our move experts when planning a move. This way, you can avoid surprises on Move Day!

How many boxes do you have? Are all small items packed neatly in boxes?

Another critical piece of information is the number of boxes and small items. A lot of people think that small items and boxes are not worth mentioning, but they are highly mistaken. This is especially important if you are moving out of the house, townhouse or condo where stairs are the only means of access. In that case, some of the moving equipment – for example, wheeled dollies – might be impossible to be used. In these circumstances, surely the process will take much longer. It is always a good idea to list your content while booking a residential move. And you should do it as detailed as possible. It will help Cactus Moving to realize your needs in terms of the number of movers and possible quotes for your residential move.

Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture on Moving Day

Cactus Moving employees are always happy to disassemble and re-assemble larger equipment. We do it for no extra cost. However, payment for movers is on an hourly basis. As such, if you are on a budget and are willing to do the disassembling of furniture yourself, it will be a good way to save a few dollars.

Access to the Properties

It is extremely important to take into consideration the walking distance between your home and the truck. It is a crucial factor. We do not charge for long walking distances or tight corners, but these factors will slow down the move. The utmost priority of Cactus Moving is to deliver your belongings safely and right and the speed of the move is secondary to this prime objective.

Cactus Moving does not charge for Travel Time

For Cactus Moving customers, there are no charges for travel time within the city limits of Calgary. That being said, it is very important to understand that driving time between customer locations (Labor Time) and Travel Time are two completely different terms in the moving industry.

As you might expect, you are charged for Labor Time. This includes in it the driving time between your locations. Obviously, this also includes the amount of time that our movers need to spend loading and then unloading, all of your belongings. As mentioned above, this also includes the time spent disassembling and assembling furniture and packing boxes. At the end of the move, this time frame will be multiplied by the hourly rate that we have agreed upon prior to the move. This is the price you will pay. No surprises, no hidden fees!

In addition to Labor Time, most companies charge for Travel Time. This is the time it takes employees to get from the main office or truck depot to your first location. It also includes the travel time from your last drop-off location back to the office or moving truck parking.

At Cactus Moving, we are very proud to announce that we do not charge for Travel Time. As long as all your locations are within Calgary City limits, Travel Time is on us! If you are comparing quotes from different companies, make sure you ask them and include this price in the total offering. The difference could easily amount to $100 or more!

5 Tips for an Inexpensive Move in Calgary

By following these 5 tips you too can save on your upcoming residential move. The 5 tips are based on the above main criteria for the price of a residential move. Each tip corresponds to the previous price factor.

I Have a Lot of Furniture. How Can I Save Some Money on My Residential Move?

While you cannot adjust the amount of furniture you have, you always can do your best to prepare furniture for Cactus Moving. Remember, it is a must-do to empty all the shelves, it will help Cactus Moving employees to maneuver your furniture while carrying it. In addition, you surely do not want small stuff to get lost or broken while moving. Cactus Moving won’t let it happen. Also, when moving beds, make sure all mattresses have got no sheets on them.

I Have Many Small Items That I Want To Move When I Change Houses in Calgary. How Can I Save Time and Money?

As we were describing previously, boxes and small content take the longest time during a residential move. But how can we make it better?

First of all, make sure that all belongings are indeed packed in the boxes. This includes ensuring that the items fit in the cardboard box they are designated to be packed in. It is very important. It will protect your items from breaking and save a lot of time during the moving and packing of the truck process. When you are packing boxes, it is important to remember the following 3 recommendations:

1. Always apply 2 or 3 layers of scotch tape on the bottom of a box, it will protect it from ripping.

2 Do not overload your boxes, always make sure the box is closable.

3. Always mark the boxes. It will save you lots of time while unpacking if you instantly know whether a certain box goes to the kitchen, master bedroom or bathroom. Be prepared to put a “fragile” sticker on a box if there is glass or delicate content inside.

Following these recommendations will allow our expert movers to complete your transition of residence quickly and safely. The saying “time is money” is very applicable to your residential moving quote!

Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture

Building up on the idea of saving time, we encourage you to consider the big and bulky furniture pieces. Moving these can be challenging as a single unit, as this can cause damages both to the furniture item in question and the property. Poorly disassembled items can cause wall scratches, floor damage, dents and other damages. These are signs of low professionalism on the movers part. We will never put you, your equipment or our movers at risk and as such, will always have to disassemble large items.

With this in mind, disassembling furniture is one aspect of the move that you can do prior to our arrival. Similarly, re-assembling the furniture pieces after the move is complete at your own pace is a good way to save time and money. That being said, Cactus Moving employees are always ready to do assembling and disassembling for you. If you live on your own, do not enjoy handyman work or simply prefer for it to be done for you – worry not!

Property Access

It is of high importance to make sure the access from your place to the truck is clear prior to Cactus Moving’s arrival. If the access is through the garage, you better move your vehicle to the closest parking spot. On days when the weather is snowy (very common in Calgary!), please, clean the way. Furthermore, please make sure there is someone to watch pets and kids and be with them at all times. This will ensure the safety of your loved ones while heavy equipment is being hauled into and from the truck. With that being said, rest assured. Cactus Moving will be always ready to make the job done no matter what challenges come our way!

In addition, make sure to reserve the building elevator for a move so that it can be used more efficiently. If possible, we recommend to ask the building management if they have easy access to a loading dock, ramp or a reserved parking spot close to the entrance of the building. These actions can greatly improve access to the apartment or condo and save time during the move. It is also worth considering the same arrangements on the property into which you are moving, as the same factors come into play when we are unloading the truck.

Driving Distance Between Properties

Obviously, you cannot control the driving distance between your residences. Luckily, you still can help reduce overhead on this front as well! We recommend that you reserve the parking spot for the truck at the destination. This will allow our moving crews to park close to the property and begin the unloading process right away!

Final Words on Quote for a Residential Moving in Calgary

As you can see, there are many factors that come into play when asking for a residential moving quote. Hopefully, now that you are aware of what goes into the price of a move in Calgary, you can get an appreciation for all the questions we need to ask. Fear not, we can give you the price for your residential move in Calgary! Our move specialists at the company dispatch will make sure to ask you all the right questions – contact us today for a free quote for your moving needs in the Calgary area.

Small Example Scenario: Moving a 1 bedroom for $200 CAD in Calgary

Here is an example scenario. A customer asked: “Is it possible to move a 1 bedroom apartment with $200?”. Cactus Moving’s move expert answered: “Yes, for sure! But first, let us ask a few questions about your apartment move”.

Our dispatcher then continued to explain that the price of a residential move in Calgary will depend on a few factors. It is possible to move into a one-bedroom apartment for $200. But size is not the only factor that might affect the price!

First, our moving dispatcher checked that the customer has a reasonable amount of furniture and boxes. An important detail to check is that there are enough moving supplies (Tape, Boxes, etc.). If not, Cactus Moving will happily provide these at an additional fee. The customer replied that they have all the necessary supplies. Next, our dispatcher checked that the customer does not require assembling or disassembling. The customer replied that they do not require these services. Finally, the customer also elaborated that they have good access and are moving close by in Calgary. Under similar conditions, it is definitely possible to move to a 1 bedroom apartment with a $200 budget!

Based on all this information you can plan your move wisely and save some money. Leave the stress for your upcoming residential move in Calgary to Cactus Moving. At Cactus Moving we are always happy to welcome you to your new home!