NEW Cross-Border Direction: Move from Montreal to Anywhere in the USA

March 22, 2024

🚚 Moving from Montreal to the USA: Fast, Secure, and Straightforward 🇨🇦➡️🇺🇸

Hello, Montrealers! Ready for your move to the USA? We’re here to make sure it’s as easy as enjoying a Montreal bagel. Here’s the straight talk on what we offer:

📅 Under 10 Days Delivery: We’ll get your belongings to your new home in the USA fast, within 10 business days.

🔐 No Mixed Items: Your stuff gets its own space. No mixing with other shipments.

📦 Professional Packing: Our team knows how to pack. Your items will be safe and secure.

🤝 Your Own Coordinator: You’ll have one person to talk to, making everything simpler.

💼 Cargo Insurance: It’s all covered, for peace of mind.

💵 Transparent Pricing: The price we quote is what you pay. No surprises.

Moving from Montreal to any city in the USA is a big step. We’re here to smooth out the bumps and make sure your belongings are treated with care. You’ve got enough to think about with your move. Let us handle the details.

Ready to Go? 🌟

If you’re moving from Montreal to the USA, let’s talk. We’re ready to make your move hassle-free. Contact us to get started. It’s that simple.

Your adventure starts now. Let’s get moving!