Long Distance Moving: All the Info You Need

August 6, 2023

Today we would like to talk about your long distance move. We all know how stressful in-town move can be and the importance of choosing the right mover for the job. This is especially true for long distance moves! We offer extremely competitive rates for long distance moving.

Moving out of province? Or just across Alberta? We got you covered

While the general information about moving in Calgary holds true, long distance moving are slightly different. If you thought a regular move was complicated, wait until you start dealing with a long distance move. In these types of moves, it is not uncommon to move thousands of kilometers away from your home city. However, it does not have to be not as crazy as you probably could have imagined and here we will share with you all ups and downs for your long distance move. Luckily, we are here to help!

Preparing For a Long Distance Move

We will start with the preparation. For long distance move the preparation plays a key role, especially if you are moving 3+ bedrooms. While small moves are pretty simple to prepare for and accomplish, big moves may have “underwater rocks” on some stages. You will do well to pay attention to these details, as they can make or break your move! Thanks to the significant experience with moving long distances, at Cactus Moving we are always ready for all of them. You can order all-in service with Cactus Moving and leave all the stress it entails to us.

Preparation Stages for Long-Distance Moving in Alberta

That being said, it is possible to execute the move preparation stage yourself. Here are some things that you must do. Below are some general tips and things to think about to make your long-distance move smooth and easy! If you are interested in this topic, the Government of Canada website has some additional tips. They all apply independently of where your move is – across provinces, internationally move, or just from one-two to another in Alberta.

Long Distance Moves Take Longer Then In-the-City Moves

It will usually take much longer to drive from one location to the other. On average, your items and belongings will be traveling in the truck five, ten, or even twenty times longer than they would have during an in-town move. There should be no food, no unpacked small items, or delicate plants.

Moving Smaller Items and a Large Number of Boxes

These general tips hold for all types of moving but hold extra-true for a long-distance move. Remember: do not overload or overfill your boxes and bins. Make sure that boxes are closed and are taped over with scotch tape and marked for the proper packing of a truck. Another helpful tip that will save you some time (and time equals money, remember?) –  try to keep all the boxes in one area in the room, it will help movers take the right item and pack the truck like in a Tetris game. Cactus Moving employees know how to make sure your content will be delivered in the same conditions as it left. To ensure the safety of your belongings, all trucks are supplied with the proper equipment to secure your furniture.

Proper Timing is Critical for the Success of your Long Distance Move

Timing your move correctly is critical to the success of your long-distance move. Most of our customers that need to move to a new city would like to sleep in their own beds as soon as possible. It is understandable. After all, you just left your old home and moved to a new distant location. Of course, you would want to finish the day and be done with this stress as soon as possible. No one wants to be spending a week in a hotel. On top of the extra spending, it is a terrible feeling not to be home.

Luckily, Cactus Moving is the team that makes sure you will be home, sleeping in your own bed the very next day. At Cactus Moving we can promise you it, as long as the move is under 1200 kilometers. Let’s say you need to move from Calgary to Vancouver, BC, or from Regina, SK to Calgary, or even from Calgary to Winnipeg, MB. With proper planning, all these moves can be done in under 48 hours. Our professional movers will load everything and the very next night you will be sleeping in your own bed in a different province.

Long Distance and Cross Province Pricing

At the end of the day, money matters. A common question clients have is: ”How will Cactus Moving know what to charge me?”. Well, there are many systems that moving companies use to calculate your charges. Some companies charge you by weight. Others use square feet or calculate the price by distance.

Our Unique Pricing Model for Long Distance Moves Saves You Money!

Cactus Moving is different. We invented a unique way of charging our clients. One key difference: we make sure that your items are handled separately from somebody else’s content. Remember, Cactus Moving will take care of your move from the time you called us and book your long-distance move to the time we are fully unloaded in your new home. We help you navigate and plan every step of this long distanced journey!

The process of building your long-distance moving quote starts with the travel fee. With Cactus Moving, our promise is that this fee will always be fixed. No longer will you need to guess how many hours it would take our driver to get there – you will be charged a fixed rate for the travel.

First Part: Fixed Rate Travel Fee for Long Distance Moves and Out of Province Moves

This fee is based on many factors. First, driving time between locations and driving distance are key factors. Next, the source and target province matter. For example, if it is an out-of-province move, we have to apply for and receive a special permit. Finally, there are logistical challenges that need to be calculated and solved: scales, inspection, extended insurance, extended cargo insurance, gas, etc. All of these combined is how we calculate the final price for the travel fee.

The benefit of having a fixed rate for traveling is obvious: peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something is going to happen with the truck on our way, you do not pay extra. , you will always be charged what we agreed before departing, regardless of what happens on the road. Cactus Moving will be responsible to take care of all the unpredictable situations during your long-distance move.

Second Part: Hourly Rate for Loading and Unloading the Truck

The second part of the charge will be an hourly rate for loading and unloading your truck. Let’s say loading your stuff took 2 hours and unloading 1,5 hours, which will bring you to the final price: 3,5 hours times the hourly rate plus travel fee. No hidden fees, no unexpected charges, no disappointing surprises!

Long Distance Moves and Cross Province Moving Summary

We have covered some important tips in this article. We started with a few tips that will help you get prepared for your long-distance move. Next, we covered what are some of the common problems that you might face with such a complicated move. Finally, we talked about the components of the quoted price and what are some factors that need to be taken into account.

It is a fact, long distance or not, moving can be stressful. That being said, it is our professional opinion that the move (long-distance or not) doesn’t have to stress the client. After all, that’s why you hired a moving company, right?

Cactus Moving is here to make all the stress and anxiety go away. Cactus Moving is always ready to welcome you home, whether you are moving within Calgary or going to start your new life in a different province. We are always here for you.