How to Choose a Moving Company in Calgary

Andrei Volchkov
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Andrei Volchkov

2023-10-11 6:00 pm

Marketing Manager (with moving experience)

Relocating, whether it's across the city or across the country, is a significant undertaking. The moving company you choose can make the difference between a smooth transition and a stressful ordeal. If you're in Calgary and on the hunt for the perfect moving company, here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Understanding the Moving Landscape in Canada

According to IBISWorld, there are 2,530 Moving Services businesses in Canada as of 2023. While this number encompasses the entire country, it gives an idea of the competitive landscape of the moving industry. Calgary, being a major city, undoubtedly contributes a significant portion to this number. Even with 10% out of this number of companies there's over 250 moving companies in Calgary area. We bet you don't have time and will to go over all of those companies to pick the one the best. So, we prepare a short-form article that briefly describes what do you need to look for.

2. Types of Moving Companies

  • Long-distance with semi-trucks: Companies that specialize in transporting belongings over vast distances using large semi-trucks.
  • POD Containers: Some movers offer Portable On Demand (POD) containers. You pack these containers, and the company takes care of the transportation.
  • Local Moving companies with dedicated truck: These movers operate within a specific region, often providing a dedicated truck for each move.
  • Movers Only (No Trucks): Some services offer labor for packing, loading, and unloading but don't provide transportation.

3. Deciphering Reviews

Reviews can offer valuable insights, but it's essential to be discerning. Some reviews might be fake or sponsored.

Reading Reviews: Look for comprehensive reviews that discuss both pros and cons. Keywords to consider include "timely," "professional," "damaged items," "hidden fees," and "courteous."

4. The Importance of a Good Website

In a competitive niche like moving services, a well-developed and user-friendly website can be an indicator of a company's professionalism and commitment to customer service. However, while a good website can be a positive sign, it's essential to consider other factors as well.

5. Social Media Presence

A moving company's social media profiles can provide insights into their customer engagement and service quality. Check for useful content, frequency of posts, and interactions with followers.

Choosing a moving company in Calgary requires a blend of research, intuition, and attention to detail. By understanding the types of moving services, scrutinizing reviews, assessing online presence, and being aware of the broader moving landscape, you can make a choice that ensures a smooth relocation experience.