Residential Moving Giveaway May 2021

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We are sure you have heard about our Residential Moving Giveaway that we had as a celebration of the beginning of the 2021 summer season. We had many participants enroll – the big winner was to get a free residential move anywhere in Calgary – for any side of residence. Finally, the wait is over! We are now able to release the results of our first giveaway in Calgary! Make sure you check out our photo report on Facebook to see some of the funnest photos we took of this move.

Free Residential Moving Giveaway – Lessons Learned

This has been an unforgettable experience for all of us at Cactus Moving. As it was our first giveaway, we did not expect many people to participate. We were extremely pleased to have received over 50 filled forms from the people who wanted to be a part of contest! We’ve learned from it that we were right for having done it. As a result of this high volume of interest, will continue to organize such occasions in the future. In this blog post, we will discuss the winning residential move in Calgary and the process around it.

While Cactus moving are experts at residential moves, this was our first public giveaway. I am sure that we will improve the organization part. It is completely understandable that since it was out first giveaway, by all means our stuff was very nervous during every step of the experience. And the hardest part was announcing winners on video. We are sure we will master this step after a few times. Nevertheless, our winner was chosen.

The Winners

Let’s start with the winners of our free residential move. It was the lovely Singhs family! Mister Gupreet Singh signed up for our free residential move giveaway… and won! We would like to congratulate them one more time and wish them many happy years in their new home. See the official announcement on our Facebook page:

Sam Grin announces the winners of the free residential move in Calgary for May 2021

The Free Residential Move

Next, let’s talk about move itself. As a reminder, the rules of our giveaway were:

  • The move must take place between 13th and 31st of May
  • The move cannot exceed 8 hours of labor mark (this is usually sufficient for moves of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and even 4 bedroom houses)
  • The winner agrees for his/her move to be photographed by our photographer. This is so that we would be able to create this blog post and provide a photo report of the move. We did so on the Cactus Moving Facebook page and on the official Cactus Moving Instagram. This is where we will announce future giveaways, so stay tuned!

That is it. Absolutely nothing else. All of these conditions were not a problem for our winner, and we highly appreciated it. We hope that the Sings had as much fun as we did during this free residential move in Calgary.

The Residential Move itself

Mister Singh required help with packing and moving all of his belongings. We agreed on the late morning start, due to the fact that his wife is pregnant, we were happy to give them a little more morning sleep and time to prepare themselves for the move. The start time was set for 10:30am and at 10:25am Cactus Moving’s crew was at the pick up location, ready to rock’n’roll as always.

The Residential Move Locations in Calgary: Castleright to Country Hills

The family was residing in a rented basement in Castleridge, NE, Calgary. Our job was to move them into a new lovely house that is located in Country Hills, NE, Calgary. While both addresses are in the NE, the Country Hills area is actually across the Deerfoot. As such, this residential move had all the characteristics of a North East to a North West move.

Moving Services Provided

To be honest, mister Singh was more than prepared. Our moving services include packing, which is the process of putting small lose items in moving containers (plastic bins or cardboard boxes). However, the Singhs have pre-packed the majority of their items prior to our arrival. As such, our move experts began the day by wrapping all the furniture and preparing it for the move. We have also helped packing few last boxes.

Loading the truck took about two and a half hours. This was much faster than everyone anticipated. Our moving experts were very efficient with the loading. This was possible because the Sings have followed all of our 5 tips for an efficient moving. Be sure to check that article if you are preparing for a residential move in the near future.

Drop Off Location

Cactus Moving |⭐| Calgary Moving Company |⭐| Residential Movers Company in Calgary

The driving was quick and easy. While the driving distance for this move was short, we have talked in the past what to expect if your residential move is for a longer distance. All of these tips were observed and practices for this move as well, which allowed an efficient and damage-free residential home relocation.

Our photographer awaited us at the drop off location. She was ready to start taking pictures for the photo report. All of our team gathered at mister and missis Singhs’ new house, ready to welcome them to their new nest. Our lovely customers were very nice to our movers and packers. They had even prepared cooled drinks and snacks. At the end of the move they were very generous and agreed to take a picture with a team. They even tipped the movers. While this is absolutely unnecessary, it is always highly appreciated.

Unloading and Unpacking

The unloading of all the items and furniture took Cactus Moving movers minimum time to deal with. This residential move went very smoothly and was fast. No stress for the customers, no damages. Cactus Moving’s team moved all the furniture into the rooms according to the furniture plan. Our customers told us where they wanted it to be placed ahead of time. We set up all the beds and oversized furniture first and proceeded to place all the boxes in the rooms, according to the written information on each box’s label.

Finally, some of the boxes were requested to be unpacked. Our team was more than happy to provide this unpacking of boxes moving service. By 2:30pm our free giveaway move was completed and our winners were left to enjoy their new house. All in all, the move was complete in 4 hours, including some distractions in the form of group photographs.

Our Free Residential Move Giveaway was a Roaring Success!

All of us at Cactus Moving really enjoyed our first free residential moving giveaway in Calgary. It was very successful! While we made no money or other direct financial gain in doing something like this, we really enjoyed giving back to the Calgary community. In these challenging times, we need to support the local community. In return, we are sure the local community will support us by using our moving services in the future. We have already noticed a large increase of traffic to our website, social media and many calls to request a quote on our phone. If you, your family or anyone you know are looking for residential moving services – give us a call at (403) 805 5855. We offer some of the best rates in Calgary and the best customer service, as our 5 star rating on Google clearly shows.

In a climate where many people lose their jobs every day and everyone must wear masks fifty percent of all time, we at Cactus Moving pride ourselves in being able to put a little smile on our customers’ faces. The ability to free them of at least some part of the constant stress from day to day realities is something we take great pride. It is always a great pleasure for us to welcome another family to their new home.

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