Moving in Calgary 2022? Read this Critical Info

Moving Company in Calgary - how to select the right moving company in 2021

Moving in Calgary has been on the rise. Moving companies in Calgary have also been appearing left and right! The last year and a half has been anything but normal. With the pandemic displacing people like never before, moving companies have been at a very high demand. If you are reading this, it is very likely that the ongoing situation has effected you. You are not alone! 2022 has been as challenging as the previous year to many Calgarians and guests from all over the world. Canadians as a whole have shown record numbers of moving places and Alberta and Calgary are no different.

In this blog post, we will cover what questions you should ask moving companies and why Cactus Moving is the best moving company in Calgary for the year 2022. This information should be valuable for individuals seeking to do a residential move as well as businesses that look to relocate their offices.

First Thing You Should Know About Moving Companies in Calgary For The Year 2022

Not all moving companies are equal. With the influx of demand and the difficulties in Alberta’s oil sands jobs, many attempt their hand at working as a residential mover. Some open their own company while others sign up for part time (or full time) moving specialist positions. It is important to note that many do not see this as a constant commitment. This in turn can bring certain dangers to your move. The movers will be handling your furniture, kitchen wares, office boxes and other important items. No surprise, you want extremely motivated and professional people. Otherwise, they will not be able to provide you with the best customer service and you might have serious problems on moving day. These days are usually stressful enough as it is – make sure you choose a company who will provide the best moving specialists in Calgary.

Furthermore, the dangers of choosing the wrong moving company do not stop at the mover level. While luck might have it that qualified personal arrives to your move your house or apartment, there are checks you should do about the company as an organization. “Are you insured and bonded?” is the first question you should be asking your moving company.

Bonded Moving Company in Calgary – Why is this important?

There are different types of bonds available to different companies. These types differ by name and have slightly different functions. But the core concept behind a company being bonded is to prove that they are trustworthy. Their employees have no criminal record and they have a good “business track record”.

When moving, you invite strangers to come into your home and handle your most precious items. The least you should be asking the prospecting moving company is for some evidence that the moving specialists are going to be honest and trust worthy.

Insured in Moving Company in Alberta – Why is this important?

So, a bonded company will protect your move from dishonest employees. However, it does not protect you against accidents. Even the most honest and friendly moving specialist can have an accident. How do you make sure that if a mover damaged something, you will be reimbursed for it? This is where business insurance comes into play. It is critical to know that your move is insured and that there will be no questions asked if an incident does happen.

Why is Cactus Moving the best moving company to hire in Calgary in 2022?

At Cactus Moving, we are a long standing brand. We pride ourselves in the best customer service possible. Our mission is to make moving day as stress free, quick and affordable as possible for all Calgarians.

This means we pride ourselves by providing the best moving specialists in Calgary. We are insured and bonded, protecting both our customers, our moving specialists and our business as a whole from workplace accidents. Our prices are the best in Calgary and we look forward to help move your home from the apartment, condo, studio or house you are currently in to whichever location you need moving.

We are happy to accommodate special requests – last minute moves, long distance moving. Rest assured, nothing is too small or too big for our moving specialists! We move pianos, we move kitchen and home appliances and we move saves and other bulky items.

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