Frequently Asked Questions About Moving 2022

How to choose your moving company in Calgary?

It is important to ask all questions you might have about your move in Calgary. We have the most updated questions and answers collected in this section, updated for 2022!

Interested in knowing how to choose the best moving company in Calgary for the year 2022? We have created a quick article about questions you should ask yourself and your potential move provider.

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We understand that sometimes last minute emergencies happen. We're here to help and will do our best to accomodate.

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We accept most common payment methods: Cash, Email transfers, Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

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You can rest assured that only the most professional movers will service your home.

1. What will be the cost for the move?

Each move is unique. We charge a fixed hourly rate. Talk to our dispatcher today to get a free estimate! Our friendly move expert will ask you all the right questions and will be able to give you the best rates in Calgary for 2022!

That being said, we can give you general guidelines to the factors that effect the price of a move. First, the size of the property is a strong indicator. A 4+ bedroom house will cost more than a 1 bedroom basement unit, simply by the amount of items that need to be moved. Second, it is important to take other factors into consideration:

  • Is this a last minute booking? While we are happy to help accommodate, sometimes this will include additional fees. Talk to our moving expert to find out!
  • Do you transport heavy items such as a piano or a safe? We might need to make special arrangements, but we will be very excited to move anything you need moving!
  • Is this a long distance move? If this is, we will add travel fees to the move. There are no travel time fee within Calgary city limits and depending on your booking we might be able to waive them. Contact our move expert by phone, text or email today to find out.
  • Other less common factors might appear as well. Make sure you tell our move dispatcher all the details, so we can give you a free estimate as soon as possible!

While all these factors might seem daunting at first, fear not! Our friendly moving experts are here to ask you all the right questions and will be able to draft up a moving plan and a free moving price estimate in no time!

2. Are you bonded and insured?

Yes! Cactus Moving is Bonded and Insured.

It is very important for your moving company to be bonded and insured. This protects you, the client, your valuables while they are being transported and moved and ultimately the moving company that provides the service. To learn more about the potential differences that professional moving company might have, we have a handy guide about questions you should ask your moving company in Calgary for 2022.

3. Do you charge travel time fees?

What is a Travel Time Charge?

Some companies charge travel time fees. This can be a charge that relates to the time it takes the truck and movers arrive to your home and a charge for traveling from the final destination of the move back to the office.

As long as you move inside the Calgary city limits, we do not charge travel time. Your charges will be the total time that our moving experts are moving your belongings, nothing else.

If you are planning a long distance move or your home (either the one you are moving out of or the one you are moving into) is outside of the Calgary city limits, you should bring this up with our moving expert at the time of booking and estimate. Our friendly moving dispatcher will let you know if additional fees are in order. This will help prevent unpleasant surprises on Move Day, which is usually stressful enough without surprise charges from the moving company.

4. Are your workers experienced?

Absolutely! Cactus Moving only hires and sends out the most experienced workers in the industry. Tight corners, stairs, bulky equipment – all of it is no match for our moving professionals! Our company has over 30 years of combined experience in the moving industry. We take great pride at ensuring that Cactus Moving stands for a professional brand name in the Calgary area and hope that it will make us your first choice when it comes to moving houses.

5. Do you have any hidden fees?

No hidden fees!

At Cactus Moving, we believe that the fees structure has to be as transparent as possible. Moving day is exhausting, stressful and sometimes even scary for our customers. We are here to provide peace of mind and to ensure that your move will be as quick, comfortable and error free as possible.

6. Do you do long distance moves to/from Vancouver?

Yes! Cactus moving is happy to help with your long distance moves in general.

We often do long distance moves from Calgary and to Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surry, Coquitlam, North Vancouver and many other areas in BC. While a long distance move is much more expensive than a move within Calgary, it is so much more important that you rely on a moving company that you can trust!

We are very familiar with the great Vancouver area and will happily move you to anywhere in that region. We are also happy to move from Vancouver and the above areas (Burnaby, Richmond, Surry, Coquitlam, North Vancouver) to Calgary for the same charge.

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