Appliances Moving Service

If you’re relocating to a new home, the thought of moving your appliances can be daunting. These items are essential to any household, and transporting them can be challenging. Fortunately, there’s a solution: Appliances Moving Services. These services specialize in safely and efficiently moving your appliances, ensuring that they arrive at your new home in perfect condition. So, whether you’re moving across town or across the country, Cactus Moving is here to help you alleviate the stress of moving your appliances. Don’t let the thought of transporting your appliances overwhelm you; let professionals us take care of it for you.

What is Appliance Moving Service?

At Cactus Moving we consider ourselves as professionals who specialize in moving appliances from one location to another. We provide efficient, safe, and reliable transportation services for all your appliances. Whether you’re moving your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or any other large appliance, we’ve got you covered.

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Appliances Moving Process

At Cactus Moving, we’ve developed a simple and straightforward process to make your move as easy as possible. Our process involves the following steps:

Preparing Your Appliances

We'll prepare your appliances for the move by disconnecting them from their power sources, disassembling in case if it doesn’t fit through the door frame, and securing them for transportation.


Our team will carefully transport your appliances to your new home, ensuring that they're safely delivered to your doorstep.

Reinstallation and Setup

After safely transporting your appliances to your new home, we'll ensure that they're ready to use by reinstalling and setting them up for you.

Get Answers For The Most Frequent Questions Asked By Our Clients

Can all types of appliances be moved?

Most types of appliances can be moved, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, and stoves. However, some appliances may require special handling or equipment, such as large commercial appliances or appliances with delicate components. But you don’t have to worry about it. Just give us a call and we sure can handle it for you!

How far in advance should I book an appliance moving service?

It’s recommended to book an appliance moving service at least 1 week in advance, especially if you’re moving during the peak season. This will ensure that you can secure a date and time that works best for you and that the moving company has enough time to prepare for the move.

Do I need to empty my appliances before moving them?

Yes, it’s recommended to empty your appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, before moving them. This will prevent any potential damage during transportation and ensure safe handling.

How do I protect my appliances during the move?

To protect your appliances during the move, you should use moving blankets or towels to wrap them and secure them with straps or bungee cords. It’s also recommended to label your appliances and their parts to ensure that they’re placed in the correct location in your new home.

Are there any other moving services that you can offer?

Choose Cactus Moving for a wide range of expert moving services. We provide specialized Upright and Electronic Piano Moves, along with Residential Moving and Office Moving in Calgary for all types of spaces. Our team is adept at Apartment Moving and Appliances Moving, ensuring all your belongings are moved safely. We offer a thoughtful services for Seniors, as well as Long Distance relocations across great distances. Additionally, our professional Packing Services help streamline your move.

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Appliances Moving Tips

Moving appliances can be a challenging task, but with a few tips, it can be done safely and efficiently. Here are some helpful tips to make your appliance move a success.

  1. Clean your appliances thoroughly before the move.
  2. Remove any attachments and store them safely.
  3. Secure any loose parts, such as shelves or drawers, with tape or zip ties.
  4. Disconnect your appliances from their power sources and turn off the water supply.
  5. Use moving blankets or towels to protect your appliances during transportation.
  6. Label your appliances and their parts to ensure that they’re placed in the correct location in your new home.

Are you ready to move your appliances?

Let Cactus Moving take the hassle out of your move. With our expertise, your appliances will be safely and efficiently transported to your new home, allowing you to focus on settling into your new space. Hire your appliance movers today!

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