Residential Moving Giveaway May 2021

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We are sure you have heard about our Residential Moving Giveaway that we had as a celebration of the beginning of the 2021 summer season. We had many participants enroll – the big winner was to get a free residential move anywhere in Calgary – for any side of residence. Finally, the wait is over! We are now able to release the results of our first giveaway in Calgary! Make sure you check out our photo report on Facebook to see some of the funnest photos we took of this move.

Free Residential Moving Giveaway – Lessons Learned

This has been an unforgettable experience for all of us at Cactus Moving. As it was our first giveaway, we did not expect many people to participate. We were extremely pleased to have received over 50 filled forms from the people who wanted to be a part of contest! We’ve learned from it that we were right for having done it. As a result of this high volume of interest, will continue to organize such occasions in the future. In this blog post, we will discuss the winning residential move in Calgary and the process around it.

While Cactus moving are experts at residential moves, this was our first public giveaway. I am sure that we will improve the organization part. It is completely understandable that since it was out first giveaway, by all means our stuff was very nervous during every step of the experience. And the hardest part was announcing winners on video. We are sure we will master this step after a few times. Nevertheless, our winner was chosen.

The Winners

Let’s start with the winners of our free residential move. It was the lovely Singhs family! Mister Gupreet Singh signed up for our free residential move giveaway… and won! We would like to congratulate them one more time and wish them many happy years in their new home. See the official announcement on our Facebook page:

Sam Grin announces the winners of the free residential move in Calgary for May 2021

The Free Residential Move

Next, let’s talk about move itself. As a reminder, the rules of our giveaway were:

  • The move must take place between 13th and 31st of May
  • The move cannot exceed 8 hours of labor mark (this is usually sufficient for moves of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and even 4 bedroom houses)
  • The winner agrees for his/her move to be photographed by our photographer. This is so that we would be able to create this blog post and provide a photo report of the move. We did so on the Cactus Moving Facebook page and on the official Cactus Moving Instagram. This is where we will announce future giveaways, so stay tuned!

That is it. Absolutely nothing else. All of these conditions were not a problem for our winner, and we highly appreciated it. We hope that the Sings had as much fun as we did during this free residential move in Calgary.

The Residential Move itself

Mister Singh required help with packing and moving all of his belongings. We agreed on the late morning start, due to the fact that his wife is pregnant, we were happy to give them a little more morning sleep and time to prepare themselves for the move. The start time was set for 10:30am and at 10:25am Cactus Moving’s crew was at the pick up location, ready to rock’n’roll as always.

The Residential Move Locations in Calgary: Castleright to Country Hills

The family was residing in a rented basement in Castleridge, NE, Calgary. Our job was to move them into a new lovely house that is located in Country Hills, NE, Calgary. While both addresses are in the NE, the Country Hills area is actually across the Deerfoot. As such, this residential move had all the characteristics of a North East to a North West move.

Moving Services Provided

To be honest, mister Singh was more than prepared. Our moving services include packing, which is the process of putting small lose items in moving containers (plastic bins or cardboard boxes). However, the Singhs have pre-packed the majority of their items prior to our arrival. As such, our move experts began the day by wrapping all the furniture and preparing it for the move. We have also helped packing few last boxes.

Loading the truck took about two and a half hours. This was much faster than everyone anticipated. Our moving experts were very efficient with the loading. This was possible because the Sings have followed all of our 5 tips for an efficient moving. Be sure to check that article if you are preparing for a residential move in the near future.

Drop Off Location

Cactus Moving |⭐| Calgary Moving Company |⭐| Residential Movers Company in Calgary

The driving was quick and easy. While the driving distance for this move was short, we have talked in the past what to expect if your residential move is for a longer distance. All of these tips were observed and practices for this move as well, which allowed an efficient and damage-free residential home relocation.

Our photographer awaited us at the drop off location. She was ready to start taking pictures for the photo report. All of our team gathered at mister and missis Singhs’ new house, ready to welcome them to their new nest. Our lovely customers were very nice to our movers and packers. They had even prepared cooled drinks and snacks. At the end of the move they were very generous and agreed to take a picture with a team. They even tipped the movers. While this is absolutely unnecessary, it is always highly appreciated.

Unloading and Unpacking

The unloading of all the items and furniture took Cactus Moving movers minimum time to deal with. This residential move went very smoothly and was fast. No stress for the customers, no damages. Cactus Moving’s team moved all the furniture into the rooms according to the furniture plan. Our customers told us where they wanted it to be placed ahead of time. We set up all the beds and oversized furniture first and proceeded to place all the boxes in the rooms, according to the written information on each box’s label.

Finally, some of the boxes were requested to be unpacked. Our team was more than happy to provide this unpacking of boxes moving service. By 2:30pm our free giveaway move was completed and our winners were left to enjoy their new house. All in all, the move was complete in 4 hours, including some distractions in the form of group photographs.

Our Free Residential Move Giveaway was a Roaring Success!

All of us at Cactus Moving really enjoyed our first free residential moving giveaway in Calgary. It was very successful! While we made no money or other direct financial gain in doing something like this, we really enjoyed giving back to the Calgary community. In these challenging times, we need to support the local community. In return, we are sure the local community will support us by using our moving services in the future. We have already noticed a large increase of traffic to our website, social media and many calls to request a quote on our phone. If you, your family or anyone you know are looking for residential moving services – give us a call at (403) 805 5855. We offer some of the best rates in Calgary and the best customer service, as our 5 star rating on Google clearly shows.

In a climate where many people lose their jobs every day and everyone must wear masks fifty percent of all time, we at Cactus Moving pride ourselves in being able to put a little smile on our customers’ faces. The ability to free them of at least some part of the constant stress from day to day realities is something we take great pride. It is always a great pleasure for us to welcome another family to their new home.

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Office Move in the Planning? We can help.

Cactus Moving |⭐| Calgary Moving Company |⭐| Office Moving

Today we would like to tell you about another very important type of relocations – Office Move. As business owners ourselves, we understand that moving of your business is every bit as stressful as a residential move. In fact, it could be a logistical nightmare! Luckily, Cactus Moving are moving experts when it comes to all types of moves – office moves and other general business moves including! We know that there are a lot of factors that any other type of moving doesn’t involve. In this post, we will discuss some of these factors. Please note, it is still worth your time to read about our tips about saving money and time on residential moves in Calgary.

The Different Types of Office Moves

First of all, we would like to point that office moves can be broken down into several categories, i.e., small business, big corporations, packing/unpacking and installation/disassembling. While moving of a small business can usually be done in one day, moving of a big corporation can take up to several days or even up to weeks, or as we call it “stages”. Each type of office moves may have a tricky side to it and most of the times a certain move will also entail packing or installation or a whole package of additional services.

We’ve outlined the entire move process into different stages. It starts with an in-person meeting and estimation, goes through the preparation stages and has a strong middle stage at which the actual moving happens. Once the items, office supplies and furniture have traveled to the new location, there are again optional stages around re-assembling of furniture and unpacking of items. Read more to learn about each stage in detail!

The First Stage: Meet, Discuss the Office Move and Evaluate Required Move Services

Cactus Moving representatives are ready to meet your needs whether you are small business owner, big corporation or just require a small job done within your current office space. We understand the current situation in the world and how difficult it is to maintain a business nowadays. This is why we are ready to minimize the price for your office move in Calgary. As such, the first stage is always an in-person meeting to evaluate the different options and craft a plan that is just right for you. We will share our wisdom and experience about moving offices and businesses around Calgary and Alberta, but at the end of the day no two businesses are identical. Our job is to make sure we build a customized plan and pricing that is right for your business.

Long Term Contract or Call Us As Needed – We Are Always There For You!

Some of our customers prefer to work with a long-term contract in place. This allows them to book dates in advance and rest assured that they will have us available at the date they need us. Other, prefer to book our services one move at a time – but have no doubt, they always come back, because in Cactus Moving we always set the highest standards. Cactus Moving is fully insured including General Liability insurance, Cargo insurance and WCB to make sure our customers do not worry about a thing. Learn about what makes Cactus Moving different than other mover services in Calgary and why you should choose us over the competition.

Discussion Around Optional Services – Packing / Unpacking and Furniture Disassembly / Re-Assembly

Here at Cactus Moving, we always come to estimate what we are dealing with ahead of time. You can always call us and schedule your office moving estimation. During the visit our specialist will come to meet you and hear what the specifics of your relocation are. The first and one of the most important questions will be: “What are your time limits?”. Another important question is “How fast can we finish the move?”. Cactus Moving is ready for every situation. We will have solutions, even if everything must be done in one day! Make sure to bring up any time limitations during our initial discussion. This will allow us to make sure it everything will be performed in the time period you and your business require.

“Do you require packing and unpacking provided by Cactus Moving?” and “Do you require disassembling furniture and assembling it at the new place?” are two major factors as well. As part of these services, it is important to create a move-in plan. This plan will discuss where each item goes during move-in and will save time on unloading. We will discuss them further down in the article, so stay tuned.

The Second Stage: Pack and Plan to Unpack all of the Office Items

The next stage of a typical office move in Calgary (and elsewhere) is the packing stage. At Cactus Moving we never skip the sorting process. This key process is when we mark every piece of furniture, including every box, with a sticker that will contain important information on it. This information includes whose office it belongs to, what piece of furniture it comes from and\or what part of the furniture it is taken from. This allows us to put everything together into the exact form from which we disassembled or packed it. This handy moving article helps provide additional advice around what information should be noted on the stickers, if you decide to do this stage on your own.

This stage is not only helpful if you are using our re-assemble and unpacking services. It is also very helpful for customers who would like to save money and are not in a rush to re-open their office. These customers can take their time and do the unpacking / re-assembling of office furniture themselves. Each box and item will contain all the important information on this sticker.

Packing Materials – You Have Options!

At Cactus Moving, we care about you and the environment. For this reason, we offer two types of boxes – cardboard boxes or plastic bins. While plastic bins are more environmentally friendly, we know that some clients have preference to a more COVID-19 friendly solution. During these channeling times, we offer multiple options for containers. One option is to use our plastic bins. We always clean and sanitize bins after every customer. Another option for moving and packing containers is brand new cardboard boxes. We can deliver either form of packing containers beforehand (if you prefer to start on the packaging yourself) or bring it with us on the day of the move. We will be happy to dispose of the cardboard if it is not needed, once the move is done.

The Third Stage: Disassembling of Office Furniture for the Office Move

Disassembling and assembling of office furniture is another important stage of the move. Here at Cactus Moving, we can gladly do that for your business. We see two common use cases for this service. We have summarized this scenarios below.

Office Move with Existing Furniture

First, some customers have office furniture which they want to bring into the new office location. These furniture pieces must be disassembled, transported and then assembled at the new office location according to a certain furniture plan. This can be as simple as “put this chair in that room” and “this table goes to the conference room, together with this TV”. In this scenario, one of our Move Experts will label every office room. We will label every piece of furniture and box. This will make sure the same piece will go to the proper place in your new office. Our primary objective is to ensure that everything is as efficient and smooth when time comes to move. This is the exact reason we will create the new office furniture plan ahead of time and follow it on move day.

Office Move with New Furniture

Another common use-case for our furniture service is when a customer decides to renew the furniture plan in the new office. Usually, the customer will buy new (or used) furniture in such case. These often must be assembled and put in the right place. If your office move matches this situation – do not worry! Cactus Moving is ready to pick up your brand-new furniture from seller. We will deliver them to the new location and assemble it for you if required.

Regardless of the Furniture Situation during the Office Move, Cactus Moving will Have a Solution

Our promise to you is that after we are done, you will have your brand new working space ready. This is regardless of your office’s furniture situation. No stress, no tools, no supervision, no debris left. Your office will be in perfect condition. We will take care of it all in a timely manner. Remember: we are here to help you during your office move in Calgary. This is regardless of what furniture services your business might require on move day!

The Final Stage: Transportation of Goods, Items and Furniture Between the Different Office Locations

This stage is very straight forward. We will move your office from point A to point B as safely and quickly as possible. We suggest that you consider our tips about long distance moves. These tips apply to businesses as well, so be sure to check them out!

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Long Distance Moving: All the Info You Need

Cactus Moving |🌵| Calgary Moving Company |🌵| Long Distance Moving Company in Calgary

In our previous post, we have discussed how to save money on moving in the city limits of Calgary. Today we would like to talk about your long distance move. We all know how stressful in-town move can be and the importance of choosing the right mover for the job. This is especially true for long distance moves! We offer extremely competitive rates for long distance moving.

Moving out of province? Or just across Alberta? We got you covered

While the general information about moving in Calgary holds true, long distance moving are slightly different. If you thought a regular move was complicated, wait until you start dealing with a long distance move. In these types of moves, it is not uncommon to move thousands of kilometers away from your home city. However, it does not have to be not as crazy as you probably could have imagined and here we will share with you all ups and downs for your long distance move. Luckily, we are here to help!

Preparing For a Long Distance Move

We will start with the preparation. For long distance move the preparation plays a key role, especially if you are moving 3+ bedrooms. While small moves are pretty simple to prepare for and accomplish, big moves may have “underwater rocks” on some stages. You will do well to pay attention to these details, as they can make or break your move! Thanks to the significant experience with moving long distances, at Cactus Moving we are always ready for all of them. You can order all-in service with Cactus Moving and leave all the stress it entails to us.

Preparation Stages for Long Distance Moving in Alberta

That being said, it is possible to execute the move preparation stage yourself. Here are some things that you must do. Below are some general tips and things to think about to make your long distance move smooth and easy! If you are interested in this topic, the government of Canada website has some additional tips. They all apply independent of where your move is – across provinces, international move or just from one two to another in Alberta.

Long Distance Moves Take Longer Then In-the-City Moves

It will usually take much longer to drive from one location to the other. On average, you items and belongings will be traveling in the truck five, ten or even twenty times longer than it would have during an in-town move. There should be no food, no unpacked small items, or delicate plants.

Moving Smaller Items and a Large Quantity of Boxes

These general tips hold for all types of moving, but hold extra-true for a long distance move. Remember: do not overload or overfill your boxes and bins. Make sure that boxes are closed and are taped over with scotch tape and marked for the proper packing of a truck. Another helpful tip that will save you some time (and time equals money, remember?) –  try to keep all the boxes in one area in the room, it will help movers take the right item and pack the truck like in a Tetris game. Cactus Moving employees know how to make sure your content will be delivered in the same conditions as it left. To ensure safety of your belongings, all trucks are supplied with all the proper equipment to secure your furniture.

Proper Timing is Critical for the Success of your Long Distance Move

Timing your move correctly is critical to the success of your long distance move. Most of our customers that need to move to a new city would like to sleep in their own beds as soon as possible. It is understandable. After all, you just left your old home and moved to a new distance location. Of course you would want to finish the day and be done with this stress as soon as possible. No one wants to be spending a week in a hotel. On top of the extra spending, it is a terrible feeling not to be home.

Luckily, Cactus Moving is the team which makes sure you will be home, sleeping in your own bed the very next day. At Cactus Moving we can promise you it, as long as the move is under 1200 kilometers. Let’s say you need to move from Calgary to Vancouver, BC, or from Regina, SK to Calgary, or even from Calgary to Winnipeg, MB. With proper planning, all these moves can be done in under 48 hours. Cactus Moving employees will load everything and the very next night you will be sleeping in your own bed in a different province.

Cactus Moving – Long Distance Moving is not a Challenge for us!

Long Distance and Cross Province Pricing

At the end of the day, money matters. A common question clients have is: ”How will Cactus Moving know what to charge me?”. Well, there are many systems that moving companies use to calculate your charges. Some companies charge you by weight. Others use square feet or calculate the price by distance.

Our Unique Pricing Model for Long Distance Moves Saves You Money!

Cactus Moving is different. We invented a unique way of charging our clients. One key difference: we make sure that your items are handled separately from somebody else’s content. Remember, Cactus Moving will take care of your move from the time you called us and booked your long-distance move to the time we are fully unloaded in your new home. We help you navigate and plan every step of this long distanced journey!

The process of building your long distance moving quote starts with the travel fee. With Cactus Moving, our promise is that this fee will always be fixed. No longer will you need to guess how many hours it would take our driver to get there – you will be charged a fixed rate for the travel.

First Part: Fixed Rate Travel Fee for Long Distance Moves and Out of Province Moves

This fee is based on many factors. First, driving time between locations and driving distance are a key factor. Next, the source and target province matter. For example, if it is out-of-province move, we have to apply for and receive a special permit. Finally, there are logistical challenges that need to be calculated and solved: scales, inspection, extended insurance, extended cargo insurance, gas, etc. All of these combined is how we calculate the final price for travel fee.

The benefit of having a fixed rate for traveling is obvious: peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something is going to happen with the truck on our way, you do not pay extra. , you will always be charged what we agreed before departing, regardless of what happens on the road. Cactus Moving will be responsible to take care of all the unpredictable situations during your long-distance move.

Second Part: Hourly Rate for Loading and Unloading the Truck

The second part of charge will be an hourly rate for loading and unloading your truck. Let’s say loading of your stuff took 2 hours and unloading 1,5 hours, it will bring you to the final price: 3,5 hours times hourly rate plus travel fee. No hidden fees, no unexpected charges, no disappointing surprises!

Long Distance Moves and Cross Province Moving Summary

We have covered some important tips in this article. We started with a few tips that will help you get prepared for your long distance move. Next, we covered what are some of the common problems that you might face with such a complicated move. Finally, we talked about the components of the quote price and what are some factors that need to be taken into account.

It is a fact, long distance or not, moving can be stressful. That being said, it is our professional opinion that the move (long-distance or not) doesn’t have to stress the client. After all, that’s why you hired a moving company, right?

Cactus Moving is here to make all the stress and anxiety go away. Cactus Moving is always ready to welcome you home, whether you are moving within Calgary or going to start your new life in a different province. We are always are here for you.

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Moving Apartments or Houses in Calgary? 5 Things to Know About Residential Move in Calgary

Cactus Moving |🌵| Calgary Moving Company |🌵| Residential Movers Company in Calgary

Many customers contact Cactus Moving for the excellent residential move services that we offer. Often, customers have questions about this service. In this article we will present the most common issues and questions customer have. We will first introduce what residential moving is and how it is different from commercial moving. We will then dig into the 5 factors that effect the price of a residential move the most. Finally, we will discuss 5 special tips about your residential move. This will show you how to save money on your next move!

What is a residential move of a house or an apartment?

First of all, we should start with defining what a Residential move is. “Residential move” consists of the word “residence” and basically tells you that you are moving from your old residence to a new one. It must involve your day-to-day furniture and belongings. The main difference for Cactus Moving’s customers between residential moving and commercial moving is the fact that they want it done fast and safe, they would like to save as much as possible and to have all their furniture came in same conditions as it left.

It applies to your move well, doesn’t it? Feel free to contact Cactus Moving and our experienced and professional move experts will assist you in getting a fast and affordable quote in no time!

What will be the Price of my Residential Move?

As we described little earlier, price matters, especially during these rough times (2021 was not an easy year for many…). But moving in Calgary can be affordable and of high standard at the same time. To realize how much one should expect to spend in one’s future move, numerous factors must be taken into consideration and here are the main ones.

How many furniture and large items do you need to move?

The amount of of furniture and other large items is a critical price factor fact. You must understand that the larger quantity of your belongings is, the more trips movers must do back and forth. Please note, if you are moving large appliances, pianos, saves or any other heavy and bulky items, additional charges might apply. It is best if you can thoroughly explain what you have to one of our move experts when planning a move. This way, you can avoid surprises on Move Day!

How many boxes do you have? Are all small items packed neatly in boxes?

Another critical piece of information is the number of boxes and small items. A lot of people think that small items and boxes are not worth mentioning, but they are highly mistaken. This is especially important if you are moving out of the house, townhouse or condo where stairs are the only means of access. In that case, some of the moving equipment – for example, wheeled dollies – might be impossible to be used. In these circumstances, surely the process will take much longer. It is always a good idea to list your content while booking a residential move. And you should do it as detailed as possible. It will help Cactus Moving to realize your needs in terms of the number of movers and possible quotes for your residential move.

Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture on Moving Day

Cactus Moving employees are always happy to disassemble and re-assemble larger equipment. We do it for no extra cost. However, payment for movers is on an hourly basis. As such, if you are on a budget and are willing to do the disassembling of furniture yourself, it will be a good way to save a few dollars.

Access to the Proprties

It is extremely important to take into consideration that walking distance between your home and the truck. It is a crucial factor. We do not charge for longer walking distances or tight corners, but these factors will slow down the move. The utmost priority of Cactus Moving is to deliver your belongings safe and right and speed of move is secondary to this prime objective.

Cactus Moving does not charge for Travel Time

For Cactus Moving customers, there are no charges for travel time within the city limits of Calgary. That being said, it is very important to understand that driving time between customer’s locations (Labor Time) and Travel Time are two completely different terms in the moving industry.

As you might expect, you are charged for Labor Time. This includes in it the driving time between your locations. Obviously, this also includes the amount of time that our movers need to spend loading, and then unloading, all of your belongings. As mentioned above, this also includes the time spent disassembling and assembling furniture and packing boxes. At the end of the move, this time frame will be multiplied by the hourly rate that we have agreed upon prior to the move. This is the price you will pay. No surprises, no hidden fees!

In addition to Labor Time, most companies charge for Travel Time. This is the time it takes employees to get from the main office or truck depot to your first location. It also includes the travel time from your last drop off location back to the office or moving truck parking.

At Cactus Moving, we are very proud to announce that we do not charge for Travel Time. As long as all your locations are within Calgary City limits, Travel Time is on us! If you are comparing quotes from different companies, make sure you ask them and include this price into the total offering. The difference could easily amount for a $100 or more!

5 Tips for an Inexpensive Move in Calgary

By follow these 5 tips you too can save on your upcoming residential moving. The 5 tips are based on the above main criteria for the price of a residential move. Each tip corresponds to the previous price factor.

I Have a Lot of Furniture. How Can I Save Some Money on My Residential Move?

While you cannot adjust amount of furniture you have, you always can do your best to prepare furniture for Cactus Moving. Remember, it is a must-do to empty all the shelves, it will help Cactus Moving employees to maneuver your furniture while carrying it. In addition, you surely do not want small stuff to get lost or broken while moving. Cactus Moving won’t let it happen. Also, when moving beds, make sure all mattresses have got no sheets on them.

I Have Many Small Items That I Want To Move When I Change Houses in Calgary. How Can I Save Time and Money?

As we were describing previously, boxes and small content take the longest time during a residential move. But how can we make it better?

First of all, make sure that all belongings are indeed packed in the boxes. This includes ensuring that the items fit in the cardboard box they are designated to be packed in. It is very important. It will protect your items from breaking and save a lot of time during the moving and packing the truck process. When you are packing boxes, it is important to remember the following 3 recommendations:

  1. Always apply 2 or 3 layers of scotch tape on the bottom of a box, it will protect it from ripping.
  2. Do not overload your boxes, always make sure the box is closable.
  3. Always mark the boxes. It will save you lots of time while unpacking, if you instantly know whether a certain box goes to the kitchen, master bedroom or bathroom. Be prepared to put a “fragile” sticker on a box if there is glass or delicate content inside.

Following these recommendations will allow our expert movers to complete your transition of residence quickly and safely. The saying “time is money” is very applicable to your residential moving quote!

Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture

Building up on the idea of saving time, we encourage you to consider the big and bulky furniture pieces. Moving these can be challenging as a single unit, as this can cause damages both to the furniture item in question and the property. Poorly disassembled items can cause wall scratches, floor damage, dents and other damages. These are signs of low professionalism on the movers part. We will never put you, your equipment or our movers at risk and as such, will always have to disassemble large items.

With this in mind, disassembling of furniture is one aspect of the move that you can do prior to our arrival. Similarly, re-assembling the furniture pieces after the move is complete at your own pace is a good way to save time and money. That being said, Cactus Moving employees are always ready to do assembling and disassembling for you. If you live on your own, do not enjoy handy-man work or simply prefer for it to be done for you – worry not!

Property Access

It is of high importance to make sure the access from your place to the truck is clear prior to Cactus Moving arrival. If the access is through garage, you better move your vehicle to the closest parking spot. On days when the weather is snowy (very common in Calgary!), please, clean the way. Furthermore, please make sure there is someone to watch pets and kids and be with them at all times. This will ensure the safety of your loved ones while heavy equipment is being hauled into and from the truck. With that being said, rest assured. Cactus Moving will be always ready to make the job done no matter what challenges come our way!

In addition, make sure to reserve the building elevator for a move so that it can be used more efficiently. If possible, we recommend to ask the building management if they have an easy access to a loading dock, ramp or a reserved parking spot close to the entrance of the building. These actions can greatly improve access to the apartment or condo and save time during the move. It is also worth considering the same arrangements on the property into which you are moving, as the same factors come into play when we are unloading the truck.

Driving Distance Between properties

Obviously, you cannot control driving distance between your residences. Luckily, you still can help reduce overhead on this front as well! We recommend that you reserve the parking spot for the truck at the destination. This will allow our moving crews to park close to the property and begin the unloading process right away! 

Final Words on Quote for a Residential Moving in Calgary

As you can see, there are many factors that come into play when asking for a residential moving quote. Hopefully, now that you are aware of what goes into the price of a move in Calgary, you can get an appriciation for all the questions we need to ask. Fear not, we can give you the price for your residential move in Calgary! Our move specialists at the company dispatch will make sure to ask you all the right questions – contact us today for a free quote for your moving needs in the Calgary area.

Small Example Scenario: Moving a 1 bedroom for $200 CAD in Calgary

Here is an example scenario. A customer asked: “Is it possible to move a 1 bedroom apartment with $200?”. Cactus Moving’s move expert answered: “Yes, for sure! But first, let us ask a few questions about your apartment move”.

Our dispatcher then continued to explain that the price of a residential move in Calgary will depend on a a few factors. It is possible to move a one bedroom apartment for $200. But size is not the only factor that might effect the price!

First, our moving dispatcher checked that the customer has a reasonable amount of furniture and boxes. An important detail to check is that there are enough moving supplies (Tape, Boxes, etc.). If not, Cactus Moving will happily provide these at an additional fee. The customer replied that they have all the necessary supplies. Next, our dispatcher checked that the customer does not require assembling or disassembling. The customer replied that they do not require these services. Finally, the customer also elaborated that they have a good access and are moving close by in Calgary. Under similar conditions it is definitely possible to move a 1 bedroom apartment with a $200 budget!

Based on all this information you can plan your move wisely and save some money. Leave the stress for your upcoming residential move in Calgary to Cactus Moving. At Cactus Moving we are always happy to welcome you to your new home! 

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Moving in Calgary 2022? Read this Critical Info

Moving Company in Calgary - how to select the right moving company in 2021

Moving in Calgary has been on the rise. Moving companies in Calgary have also been appearing left and right! The last year and a half has been anything but normal. With the pandemic displacing people like never before, moving companies have been at a very high demand. If you are reading this, it is very likely that the ongoing situation has effected you. You are not alone! 2022 has been as challenging as the previous year to many Calgarians. Canadians as a whole have shown record numbers of moving places and Alberta and Calgary are no different.

In this blog post, we will cover what questions you should ask moving companies and why Cactus Moving is the best moving company in Calgary for the year 2022. This information should be valuable for individuals seeking to do a residential move as well as businesses that look to relocate their offices.

First Thing You Should Know About Moving Companies in Calgary For The Year 2022

Not all moving companies are equal. With the influx of demand and the difficulties in Alberta’s oil sands jobs, many attempt their hand at working as a residential mover. Some open their own company while others sign up for part time (or full time) moving specialist positions. It is important to note that many do not see this as a constant commitment. This in turn can bring certain dangers to your move. The movers will be handling your furniture, kitchen wares, office boxes and other important items. No surprise, you want extremely motivated and professional people. Otherwise, they will not be able to provide you with the best customer service and you might have serious problems on moving day. These days are usually stressful enough as it is – make sure you choose a company who will provide the best moving specialists in Calgary.

Furthermore, the dangers of choosing the wrong moving company do not stop at the mover level. While luck might have it that qualified personal arrives to your move your house or apartment, there are checks you should do about the company as an organization. “Are you insured and bonded?” is the first question you should be asking your moving company.

Bonded Moving Company in Calgary – Why is this important?

There are different types of bonds available to different companies. These types differ by name and have slightly different functions. But the core concept behind a company being bonded is to prove that they are trustworthy. Their employees have no criminal record and they have a good “business track record”.

When moving, you invite strangers to come into your home and handle your most precious items. The least you should be asking the prospecting moving company is for some evidence that the moving specialists are going to be honest and trust worthy.

Insured in Moving Company in Alberta – Why is this important?

So, a bonded company will protect your move from dishonest employees. However, it does not protect you against accidents. Even the most honest and friendly moving specialist can have an accident. How do you make sure that if a mover damaged something, you will be reimbursed for it? This is where business insurance comes into play. It is critical to know that your move is insured and that there will be no questions asked if an incident does happen.

Why is Cactus Moving the best moving company to hire in Calgary in 2022?

At Cactus Moving, we are a long standing brand. We pride ourselves in the best customer service possible. Our mission is to make moving day as stress free, quick and affordable as possible for all Calgarians.

This means we pride ourselves by providing the best moving specialists in Calgary. We are insured and bonded, protecting both our customers, our moving specialists and our business as a whole from workplace accidents. Our prices are the best in Calgary and we look forward to help move your home from the apartment, condo, studio or house you are currently in to whichever location you need moving.

We are happy to accommodate special requests – last minute moves, long distance moving. Rest assured, nothing is too small or too big for our moving specialists! We move pianos, we move kitchen and home appliances and we move saves and other bulky items.

Contact us today to book your move in 2022!

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